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Visiting Scotch Whisky Distilleries from Tarbert Loch Fyne

Oban Distillery / Oban
The Oban distillery was founded in 1794, a few years later the town of Oban started to developed around the complex. This is the reason that the distillery is in the town centre of modern Oban, overlooking the harbour and Kerrera island. Between 1931 and 1937 the distillery was closed, and in 1972 it reopened with a new still house after a 3 year silent period. The whisky is bottled as Oban Aged 14y old.

Ardbeg Distillery / Isle of Islay
Before it took up production officialy in 1815 it was run by smugglers, probably since 1794. In 1959 the Ardbeg Distillery Ltd was created, but in 1984 it had to close down. It re-opened for short period of time before it closed again in 1996. The new and current owners, Glenmorangie plc, recommenced business in 1997 and even built a new visitor centre shortly after. The creation of Ardbeg whisky involves the most heavily peated malt in Scotland, bottlings include Ardbeg 10y old, 17y old, Ardbeg 1975 and Ardbeg Provence 1974 (Vintage).

Bowmore Distillery / Isle of Islay
Founded in 1779 and one of the first distilleries on Islay with a legal whisky production. Changed hands a few times over the years and is now part of the Japanese Santory company. The distillery still operates its own traditional floor malting. The list of the bottlings is as long and impressive as the list of the awards the Bowmore range has received, and covers everything from Bowmore 8y old to Bowmore 40y old, Bowmore Cask Strength, Bowmore Legend and many others.

Bruichladdich Distillery / Isle of Islay
A very "private" distillery: privately owned, privately financed and privately run. Established in 188, closed down in 1995 and re-opened by small group of individuals and whisky lovers. The distillery still operates on much old, original equipment, only produces small runs, and bottling is done by hand. Very interesting whisky's, although some are heavily peated. Includes Bruichladdich 10y old, 15y old, 20y old and Vintages.

Bunnahabhain Distillery / Isle of Islay
Established in 1881, in 1887 the distillery merged with W. Grant & Co to form the Highland Distilleries Co Ltd. Their bottlings include Bunnahabhain 12y old and Vintage Reserve, the distillerie's product is also used in the "Famous Grouse" and "Black Bottle" blended whiskys.

Caol Ila (Sound of Islay) Distillery / Isle of Islay
On the east coast of Islay, close to Port Askaig. It was built in 1846, rebuilt in 1879 and silent between 1930 and 1937. The distillery underwent a major upgrade between 1972 and 1974 and reopened with an increased numbers of stills, now boasting 6 instead of 2. Their bottlings include Caol Ila 15y old, 20y old, 21y old and 1981 cask strength.

Arran Distillery / Isle of Arran
Probably the newest distillery in Scotland, it was only opened in 1995, with the visitor centre following in 1997. The distillery produces the first Arran Single Malt since more then 150 years.

Glen Scotia Distillery / Campbeltown
Established in 1832 and only recently re-opened after several closures and changes in ownership. Present owner is Loch Lomond Distillery Co., the product range includes Glen Scotia 12y old, 14y old, 17y old, and Glen Scotia 1973.

Springbank Distillery / Campbeltown
Founded in 1828 by John and William Mitchel and remained in the family ever since. One of only two distilleries in Scotland who produce, mature and bottle their products on the same premises. The distilleries has 3 stills, although not all of the whisky they produce is distilled 3 times. The range includes Springbank 10y, 12y, 15y, 21y, 25y, 30y up to 50 year old, and the Longrow range. No chill filtering or artificial colouring used.


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